Helps & FAQ
Job Search on Jobs77


How to search for a job?

You can search for jobs from Jobs77 home page or in the 'What'/'Where' search boxes at the top of any page.

To run a search, simply type a company name, job title or other keyword describing the kind of job you want into the 'What' box, and enter a city or state in the 'Where' box. Then click the 'Search Jobs' button.


How do you rank the search results?

Jobs are ranked solely by relevance or date.


How to refine my job results?

On the left panel of job search result page, you can filter by city, company, title, skill, date posted, job type, and more to refine your search further. You may also narrow down your results by entering additional keywords in the search fields (the 'What'/'Where' boxes) near the top of the result page.

You can also try out the 'Advanced Search' .


How to see newest jobs only?

To only show jobs that have been added to the site within 24 hours, click on the 'Newest Jobs' on Jobs77 homepage or  click on the 'Date Posted' in the left panel of any job search result page, find 'Last 24 Hours' in the dropdown list.


How to save my job search?

Each time you do a search, Jobs77 will record it automatically. You can easily find your recent searches on Jobs77 homepage, or at the right panel of any job search result page.

You may save as many different job searches as you like after you set up your account on Jobs77.   


Job Email Alerts


What is a job email alert?

Job email alerts are emails notifying you of new jobs. If you saved your job search as a job email alert, you will receive daily, weekly or monthly emails containing links to new jobs matching your search criteria.


How to receive and cancel job email alerts?

You may set up as many job alerts as you like and you may edit, pause, cancel them, change the frequency or the email address at any time in your Jobs77 account.

You can also cancel an email alert by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any received job alert. 


Why am I not receiving job email alerts?

We only send job email alerts to you when there are new jobs that match your searches. Be sure that the email we send you ends up in your inbox, and isn't mistakenly sent to the junk folder.


Submitting a Resume


How to submit my resume and apply for the job?

After you've run a search, click on a job title to view the full job details, then on job detail page, click 'Apply' button to go to the original job posting. Application instructions should be available on the website where the job is posted, and may be different for each website.

Meanwhile, you can create an online resume on Jobs77. Your Jobs77 resume can be viewed, edited and shared at any time.


How to change my resume's privacy and contact settings?

From the right panel of resume updating page, you can easily switch your resume from 'Public' to 'Private', and choose if you want to be contacted by employers or not. 


My Jobs77 Account


Why can't I sign in to my Jobs77 account?

Make sure you use the correct email and password when trying to login to your Jobs77 account. Also double check that your email address is valid. If you still receive an error then please recheck if you entered the email address you registered with.


How to retrieve my Jobs77 password?

If you forget your password, you can easily reset it by clicking the link 'Forgot Password' on the 'Sign In' page. Our system will then automatically send you an email that lets you change your password to a new one.

You may also change your password  under the 'Account' tab after you login to your Jobs77 account.


Can I change my email address?

Yes. You can change your email address under the 'Account' tab of your Jobs77 account.


How to save jobs to my Jobs77 account?

To save a job, click the 'Save Job' link underneath each job search result. Once you've saved a job, you can find it under the 'My Jobs' tab after you login to your Jobs77 account.